Flir Certified technicians and pilots
can help spot manufacturing oversites and find anomalies that will support a more energy-efficient building envelope.

MultiSpectral Thermal Applications

Infrared Roof Inspection

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Roof water stores heat during the day thru Thermal Capacitance and release it at night – when exposed to the cold sky. We use this information to spot roof anomalies like traditional thermography. .

Infrared and the Building Envelope

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Our thermal drones are effective in inspecting the entire Building Envelope: insulation, thermal bridges, joinery, and door frames, HVAC Argon loss, water infiltration in the building. Specialized drones allow us to compare side by side thermal images to the RGB image in real-time.

Quantitative Utility Audits

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When the Multispectral Aerial Solutions team collects data, we can collect it in 1 of 2 ways. With regards to accuracy "Post-processed" kinematic (PPK) and real-time kinematic (RTK). Both methods correct the location of drone mapping data and remove the need for GCPs, bringing absolute accuracy down to cm (sub-inch) range.

MultiSpectral Thermal Deliverables

Roof Inspection Reports

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Reports are generated and emailed to clients. Findings are based on the comparative data between RGB images and thermal imagery from the capture site. Reports include weather conditions time of capture and highlight areas that may suggest moisture.

Thermal Energy Modeling

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Thermal maps are 2D maps displaying the thermal information layered on top of the RGB imaging. Every photograph must be ortho and geo-rectified (corrected for lens distortion, camera tilt perspective, etc. before, stitching them together). Thermal mapping is a great visual aid in understanding energy patterns and becomes a valuable tool for Engineers looking to cut energy costs.

Repetitive Utility Documentation

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The Multispectral Aerial Solutions team will collect data on specified intervals. Meaning quantitative measurements will be recorded and documented to track and analyze charged entities. Some examples are transmission towers, generating stations, electrical substations, and utility poles.

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“Thermal UAV Building Envelope Scanning”

NEW ENGLAND CHAPTER OF IIBEC- Mindi Sokoloski is an accredited IIBEC presenter. Virtual Presentation

Description CEO of Multi Spectral Aerial Solutions, Mindi Sokoloski talk will focus on the evolution of Thermal Drones in the Building envelope arena.

Contact Mindi or IIBEC for a copy of this presentation.

(1 CEH with IIBEC)

FLIR Certified

“The importance of a Flir certified professional”

A Level 1 Thermography certificate focuses on how infrared technology is used in a variety of applications. This certification stresses the fundamentals of thermal imaging for reliability maintenance, building envelope analysis, and roof moisture applications

When can you get a roof scan?

UAV Thermal Roof scans and building envelope assessments can take place at different times to accommodate residents and business associates. UAV scans are much faster and less invasive than traditional boots on the roof approaches and allow for a safer non-contact data collections

UAV Infrared scanning is safe and efficient

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