A highy technical and effective drone crew
The FAA has awarded MS Aerial a Section 107 Exemption for all ofc our pilots.

About us & What we do

Showcase both Urban planning and rural development

ORTHOMOSAICS and Topographical mapping

MS Aerial is in touch with the latest technologies. We use cutting edge equipment to create images, 3D modeling, and gathering pertinent aerial information.

Facade inspection and land management services

Inspection of an occupied structure is required at least once every five (5) years in the city of Boston and in the case of an unoccupied structure at least once a year. Inspection is required by registered architect or engineer. MS Aerial works along side several firms to to collect effective data.

We have a team of world class pilots and CAD techs.

State-of-the-art technology

With a fleet of over 12 drones and Lidar scanning equipment we have our workflow set.

Ability to fully communicate with your clients

Having access to our project managers at virtually all times insures quality control.

Seamless Topo mapping, elevation studies, 3D models, & presentations

We can provide access to the raw data or you can have a team member make a slideshow or presentation.

Make your business stand out with our incredible technology

A brief overview of our clients

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Active professional affiliations

The Professional Photographers of America

Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) Certification.